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MS Tour

MS Bike Tour

Things didn't exactly turn out as expected.

Saturday morning I was out the door at around 5:50 AM, on the bike and headed for the starting line in Metcalfe. 15 minutes later I was fixing a flat. When I started riding again at about 6:20 I was thinking I should still have plenty of time to make it to Metcalfe before 8:00 AM. Then came a pothole, a pop and flat number two. I suspect it was at least partly caused by a too hasty job of replacing the previous tube resulting in a pinch. With nearly 30 km still to go to get to the start, much of it on the pothole and crevasse infested Anderson Rd, it was clear I wouldn't make it even if I was prepared to risk being stranded far from home or Metcalfe without another spare tube. I walked the bike back home and emailed the MS Society to let them know I wouldn't be able to make it.

I was/am immensely disappointed but at least all the donations were turned in when I rode out to the MS Society office on Thursday, and even if I wouldn't be able to join the group ride, I was still determined to ride. So after a bus trip for more tubes and another tire repair session, I was back on the bike for my private, unsupported tour. I never made it to Cornwall but I still managed to cover 205.7 km over the two days (77.4 on Saturday and 128.3 on Sunday). And most importantly, together with my supporters, we raised $1030.00.

Thanks to everyone who supported my ride!

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